Back to Jerusalem 2013

The Back to Jerusalem 2013 focused on the theme that Christ is coming back again soon to Jerusalem and the Church needs to be ready, equipped and awake for His second coming. That was the emphasis of the training part of Back to Jerusalem 2013 outreach. We spent 3 days in Jerusalem with more than 160 Church leaders and pastors, studying how the Church can be awakened and become alive spiritually and to reach out for the Muslim community around it. Both of our speakers, presented anointed messages for the Church in Israel that helped them stand up on their feet, rise spiritually to have a clear vision and mission to reach out for the unreached majority in our society.

The Last Day of the conference, there was a closing panel that featured Joel Rosenberg in addition to our speakers, where they discussed the relationship between the second coming of Christ and spiritual awaking and how the Church can impact the Muslim community around through the Gospel.

During the conference, all participants went for an afternoon of distribution, sharing the Gospel with people on the streets and some went to visit some homes.

As for the outreach, all international participants were divided into four teams. The first Team stayed in Jerusalem and did lots of street distribution especially at Qalandia Check point ( the main entrance to Ramallah) and visited so many homes in the West bank in addition to Jerusalem. They also were able to provide food bags for poor families.

The two Teams in Haifa visited so many homes, villages around Haifa and distributed packets. The people in Haifa goes everyday for a walk near the beach so one of the teams spent much time there meeting people, sharing the Good news with them and giving out packets.

One of the teams in Haifa after a hard working evening at the Beach.

The team in Nazareth was the largest of all. in addition to Jordanians, Americans, South Africans and Israeli's, for the first time, we had a Palestinian team from Bethlehem. Praise God that they were granted the necessary permissions to come to Israel to work with us. We divided ourselves into small groups that fit in one car and some of us went to Druze and Muslim villages in upper Galilee, while others stayed distributing in the main intersections in Nazareth and villages around. Some of us went to target certain neighborhoods in Nazareth and went door to door, knocking on the doors of homes and many people invited them for coffee. They had amazing opportunities to share the Gospel with people in their Homes especially Muslim families. During one of the visits, the team led a whole Muslim family to Christ. The husband, his wife and daughter, who were crying when to asked Jesus to come into their life.

During one of the visits to the Nazareth Hospital, one of our team members met the wife of the Imam of a village near Nazareth. She shared the Gospel with here and at the parking lot of the hospital, that woman prayed to receive Christ! Praise God for a handful of Muslims who accepted Christ this year. Praise God for all the families and individuals who prayed to receive Christ! And praise God for all the openness we saw in people's hearts.

The Nazareth team spent one afternoon doing ministry at the beach in Tel Aviv reaching out for Jews in cooperation with our partners, Dugit, a messianic outreach led by pastor Avi Mizrahi. Earlier at the conference in Jerusalem, Pastor Avi came and gave a training to our international participants about reaching out for Jews.

We sang worship songs in English and Arabic then people started to gathered around us and we got to share the Gospel with some of them and invited others to have free Coffee at Dugit centre, which was around the corner and gave out Hebrew Evangelistic materials and New Testaments. Some people followed us to the Cafe' and heard the Gospel there. Before we started the outreach, Pastor Avi and his team gave us a training on Sharing the Gospel with Jews. Here are some pictures from that afternoon outreach.

We were able to distribute 600 food bags during the outreach to needy and poor families in the West bank and in Israel. One of the exciting things happened in a very poor Muslim village called Jisr Al Zarqa. One of our team member, took a team to that village during the Holy Month of Ramadan and knocked on the doors of 63 homes. He told the families that they are coming to bless them in Ramadan in the name of Christ and offered each home a food bag with the JESUS film in it. Some people cried and thank them so much because they felt they were abandon during Ramadan and that some one cares and came all over from Nazareth to bless them.

He reported to us the high percentage of poverty and unemployment in that village. He also said that even people's clothes were torn out. Some people there took the Bible and had questions but every home they went to, appreciated so much the fact that Christians came and showed them real love in their holiest occasion.

A Medical team who came from Life Pointe Church in Carmel,IN, did amazing job traveling to 3 cities in Israel and the west bank, healing the sick, listen to their stories and present them to the Great Healer, The Lord Jesus Christ. Jim&Betty and Dr. Barb began their ministry in Tel Aviv. We used the Filipino Baptist Church to hold the clinic there and they met lots of sick people mainly Filipinos and Africans. Not only they treated them and offered them free medicine, The offered them the word of God and salvation in Christ.

After two busy and full days in Tel Aviv, the team moved to Ramallah where they did the same there through Ramallah local Church. After that, they went to Bethlehem and got to visit people in their homes, treat them and share the Good news of the Healer with them. The team handled more than 73 patents.

Praise God for what He has done and we were glad. in conclusion, we were able to distribute more than 60.000 JESUS film, NT, books and evangelistic materials. Also, we visited hundreds of homes and spent time with each home or family we visited. In addition to that,There were 600 hundred families received food bag and more than 73 patents were treated,given free medicine. Also, I want to praise God for those who put their Faith in Jesus as their personal savior especially 4 muslims.

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Photos from Back to Jerusalem 2013