Back to Jerusalem 2012

For the 5th year, Back to Jerusalem project and outreach continues to cause blessing in the Land of Israel. We had an amazing time last summer in training churches and applying what they learned in the field. Despite the financial hardships that we faced that almost stopped us from doing BTJ this summer, the Lord was so good to us. He helped us to continue doing what He started already.

After 3 days of training of encouraging time in Jerusalem, All the international teams were assigned to work in four areas, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and Nazareth, along side with the Local church.

The team in Jerusalem did lots of distribution in the streets and the Old city. Also, they visited many villages and towns near Ramallah to distribute food and share the Good news with Muslims there. Many Muslim homes were visited and the Love of Christ touched their lives.

The team in Tel Aviv conducted medical clinics for 2 days in the Sudanese church in Tel Aviv. Over 200 patients showed up and were treated physically and spiritually. We showed the JESUS film for them and more than 20 Sudanese refugees accepted the Lord. The team also conducted another clinic in a church in Ramle and around 30 pensioners came to it. In addition to that, we did Jewish outreach on the beach in partnership with "Dugit", a messianic outreach in the heart of Tel Aviv and also the team distributed thousands of Evangelistic literature in the open Market in Lod and Ramle.

The team in Haifa did home visits, distribution in the street and food distribution for poor families. They also visited different towns around Haifa. One team visited a home church meeting and were praying for a crippled man who sits on a wheel chair. After much prayer, they asked him if he believe that Jesus can heal him. After few attempts, the man finally said I do believe and immediately he could walk by himself and was healed. So many people came to Christ as a result of this.

The team in Nazareth did lots of street distribution and visited many villages and towns near Nazareth and in upper Galilee. The also distributed Hebrew New Testaments in the Jewish town of Karam'il and Akko. They also visited many Druze and Muslim villages and distributed food for poor people. Also, the team visited twice the Nazareth hospital and shared the Gospel with the Patients and their companions. The main food distrbution center was at the Baptist school in Nazareth

The project ended up with a wonderful celebration on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. Joel Rosenberg, the founder of the Joshua fund, presented a poweful message to the Church about the need to plant more of the seeds of the Gosple and he was quoting from the parable of the sower in Matt 13. We had worship, communion and commissioning everyone who came from abroad, to go and make disciples of all nations.

Here are some of the statistics of the BTJ outreach:
600 Food bags were distributed to 600 families in Nazareth, villages in upper Galilee, Haifa and around, Tel Aviv, Ramle and Jerusalem. In the west bank we distributed in Ramallah, Aboud and in Jenin and Zababdeh. Our partners, The Joshua Fund, donated the food to us.
230 Patients were treated in the Medical clinics in Tel Aviv and Ramle.
Distributed more than 15.000 Evangelistic literatures such as Arabic and Hebrew New Testaments, Booklets, JESUS film, Damascus speaks.
9 people received Christ in Ramallah, 20 in Tel Aviv Medical clinic and tens of people received Christ in the other areas.

Photos from Back to Jerusalem 2012