Back to Jerusalem 2011

The focus of this year was prayer and Missions. We wanted to see the power that comes out from combining the prayer movement with Evangelism movement. The main speakers of the conference part were Henri A., Rev. Dikran Salbashian and Joel Rosenberg, who gave powerful messages served as a wake up call for the Church in the Holy Land to repent, get on their knees, pray and reach out for the lost.

The power of prayer was really obvious. So many leaders and lay peoples lives have been dramatically changed as a result of this. Seeing the body of Christ coming together on their knees crying out to the Lord and intercede for the salvation of the people in the Holy Land is a scene that you rarely see.

27 out the 30 Evangelical Churches in Israel, that is more than 90% of all evangelical churches in Israel, participated this year. This is a real blessing that continues to be a major element of the success of BTJ.

Churches became more aware of the urgency of the task of brining the Gospel back home. More is being done in the area of discipleship for new believers.

In the ministry part of BTJ, teams headed to work in Jerusalem, Ramallah, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Akko, The Nazareth area and different villages in the Galilee area. The teams distributed over 10000 packet of the JESUS film in its 3 versions (local dialect), and some other booklets and tracks.

This year we focused more on door-to-door visits and going inside homes and share the good news with them. Our teams visited hundreds of homes of Muslim, Druze and traditional Christians. We did Kids outreach through the program Kids Games in Nazareth, Haifa and Jerusalem. Other teams did work with the refugees from Sudan and Darfur in Tel Aviv. Also, we did food distribution to more than a 100 Arab and Jewish families and did Kids outreach in public parks in Jerusalem

A story from BTJ2011

A Muslim Family from the City of Akko consists of a widow and 4 young men. This family lives in poverty. Since they live in the old part of Akko, they are exposed to so many dangers, outlaws, drugs, etc. They are suffering not only physically but also psychologically from this hard living situation especially after the death of their supporter, the father. During BTJ outreach, a team visited this family and gave them a bag of food and shared the Gospel with them. Though they were raised as Muslims, they never expected that a Christian would come and offer them aid and show them love and mercy. This act of love touched this family and they decided to follow Christ.

Photos from Back to Jerusalem 2011