Back to Jerusalem 2009

It included 3-day conference in Jerusalem, aimed at equipping and empowering. The leadership of the Local church and all those who came from abroad to participate in the outreach. Our main speaker Was the well-known speaker and author, Josh McDowell. After the conference we began the outreach portion, in which we sent everyone out to the city of Jerusalem for prayer, distribution of the Jesus Film, and sharing of the gospel with people on the streets.

After a day of touring , all participants were divided into small teams and assigned to work in various cities, towns, and villages across the country, (i.e. Jerusalem, Nazareth, Bethlehem, Haifa, Tel Aviv area, Upper Galilee region, and more). Most teams worked in cooperation with the local churches. In Bethlehem a team of Doctors held a clinic for 3 days, and treated 250 patients! 37,000 packages were distributed during the outreach. Each package included the Jesus film Family package, News testament, Children book, Evangelistic booklet and The witness book by Josh McDowell. Thousands of homes were visited.

On the last day of the outreach, July 16th, there was an exciting, full day of touring Jerusalem, culminating in a massive, life changing celebration on the Mount of Olives in which we closed up the time with a commission to both the local churches and all international participants to go and preach the gospel in their respective countries.

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