Back to Jerusalem 2008

It was our pilot project that consisted of a two week evangelism program that was divided into two parts; 1) a 5-day conference in Jerusalem where local believers and international participants gathered together to learn how to be equipped and empowered in order to bring the gospel back to Jerusalem and the Holy Land, and 2). Our main speaker was Dr. Joel C. Hunter, senior pastor of Northland church in Orlando, FL and also Dr. Dela Adadevoh, Vice president of Campus Crusade for Christ. a 6-day outreach time during which all participants were divided into small teams and, together with a local church, went out to every city, town and village of the Holy Land.

Our first year was one of the biggest outreaches in the history of the Holy Land. Tens of thousands of evangelistic Literature were distributed publicly, and thousands of people heard the gospel. It was a wonderful opportunity for the Church here in the Land to come together and unite for the work of the kingdom, and 80% of the local churches were involved in the outreach. 6 open air Evangelistic events were conducted in different cities and thousands Of people attended and heard the gospel message through music. In addition to that, a team of Women Volley ball team Did sport outreaches in Bethlehem and Nazareth.

Photos from Back to Jerusalem 2008