Participant Feedback

Back to Jerusalem 2008 testimonies

Eliza - Romania

About the last year experience with Back to Jerusalem 2008, personally I was really impressed finding all those people that were so passionate and dedicated to the Lord being Arabs .. I had the feeling that the conference will be with Jews, maybe because I had no idea that there were/ are so many Arabs in Israel. So for me, the verse from John 1. 11, 12 became very true seeing all the Arabs that believe in Christ and that are His children. And think what you guys are doing there is amazing, so we are praying that the time will come when everyone that believes in Jesus - Jews, Arabs, every other nationality - will worship Jesus Christ as ONE BODY - His bride.

Irina lesheva - Russia

It was amazing, life changing time on the BTJ 2008, because God gave me love to His people, pain that they do not accept Jesus and desire to pray and share gospel with them. I am very happy that I could be in the Holy Land, pray & share Gospel with Israelis.
So, when I came back from BTJ project I told many Christians about it, about my experience. It was very interesting for them!

Cindy Shibli – USA

The highlight of the conference was ministering with the local believers in their own communities and witnessing their boldness in Christ.

One of the team from South Africa

The B2J conference starts off with divine worship which leads the participants into God’s presence. You will be taught and encouraged to reach out to the lost with love and compassion. God says: ‘Go… Surely I will be with you always.’ God is with you, He will bless the work of your hands and you will rejoice!

South Africa outreach team member

This is a life changing experience!! It is an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, see another country, and experience its culture and to share your faith. One has the chance to meet Christians from other countries and be inspired by their passion and love for Christ. You learn to adopt to certain circumstances and be supportive to your team members. You learn to rely on God for peace and guidance when things are tough. This is a way to experience church the New Testament way.

Back to Jerusalem 2009 testimonies


My husband and I and our two daughters, 21 and 17 years old, were privileged to participate in Back to J. last summer. Every day was an adventure and a joy, whether we were in Jerusalem, worshipping and receiving powerful instruction from God's Word just outside the Old City of Jerusalem, or working with Palestinian believers handing out literature in Jesus' hometown, Nazareth. We were able to walk in Jesus' footsteps both figuratively, in proclaiming the Good News, and literally, as we traveled around Israel, in Jerusalem, Jericho, by the Sea of Galilee, and in Nazareth. We and our daughters found new friends among the local believers as well as among the other westerners who participated in BTJ. I would heartily recommend BTJ to families with teenagers! More than a tour, BTJ gives everyone in the family a chance to make a difference in a land that is close to all of our hearts.

Carolyn Walker

Back To Jerusalem 2009 was an experience I will not soon forget. The fellowship with believers from around the globe was incredible. Several denominations were unified for ONE purpose - to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Arab communities in Jerusalem and surrounding cities. We prepared thousands of evangelical packets to distribute, standing on street corners giving the packets away faster than I ever thought possible...people were starving for the Gospel! It was a joy and delight to work with the local churches. It was hard work, but I had so much fun giving the Good News of Salvation to people who are desperate for a Savior.
BTJ is a mission trip like no other. If you want to have a hands-on role in bringing the Gospel back to the people of Israel, then please, prayerfully consider BTJ!


BTJ was a wonderful experience for our family. We had a chance to hand out great literature to people who are spiritually hungry and we were even able to be invited into some peoples home to share our faith in Jesus. We even had the privilege of praying with one women to receive Christ as her personal savior! Thank you for organizing things so well that we were able to take part with you in this ministry!

Joshua Fund